What to Do About Bad Breath

Bad breath or also known as halitosis, can block your way of your social life and make you self-conscious or uncomfortable and embarrassed. You feel uncomfortable because you can’t even talk directly to your friends and there were times that you will cover your mouth with your hands while talking. This kind of situation must be end, you must do something about it. Consult to a dentist. Pure Smile is the best cosmetic dental clinic in Sydney Australia.

Here are just a easy and helpful ways to get a fresh mouth.

– Brush and floss more frequently – one of the causes of bad breath is plaque, the sticky buildup in your mouth is bacteria. All of us must brush at least twice a day and floss daily.
– Scrape your tongue – the coating that normally forms on the tongue can foul-smelling bacteria, gently brush your tongue with your toothbrush. If it’s too big to reach the back of your tongue, use a tongue scraper.
– Keep away from foods that sour your breath – onions and garlic are the major offenders. If you want to avoid them is to avoid eating them, especially before social or work occasions when you’re aware of your breath.
– Lash out the habit – bad breath is just one of many reasons not to smoke because smoking damages the gum tissue and the stains teeth and you mayget oral cancer.

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