Finding The Best LED Downlight

Your downlight is that lamp often set in a metal cylinder, mounted on or recessed into the ceiling so that you get a beam of light directed downward. You can use it for many purposes whether for lighting a particular space or providing a beautiful effect on a landscape, sculpture, exhibit, and others.

Some LED downlight kits easily convert most 4”, 5” and 6” recessed downlights into more energy efficient solutions but you need to make sure that you understand where you are going to use it specifically to get the right design of downlights. Good brands have the most cutting-edge technology for the design of the optics and thermals and you need to know which they are. To mention some are Hyperikon, Energy Star, Torchstar, and Sunco.

You can find many downlights that are retrofit into a recessed downlight or surface mounted directly to a J-box. The brands I mentioned above offer a variety of designs to satisfy the many necessities of consumers.

Approved LED downlights usually have sleek design and can let you save to up to 80% in energy consumption. Good design is always important to consider but durability and less energy consumption are more important. Make sure that you are getting the ones that can stand for longer hours.

The average life of downlights ranges from 40,000 and 50,000 hours. Each comes at colour temperatures of 2,700 K, 3,000 K & 4,000K. You can find 9, 11 and 13-watt options in the market.

Some common colours that are sold are white, grey and black finishes. Some other colours are also available as you can also find bulbs that are furnished with neon colours which are too bright. You can use these for any purpose you are planning of.

LED Downlights should be quick and easy to install. If you get a good one, you should get a complete installation kit with it. All the mounting hardware should be made available for retrofit and new construction come with that kit.